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The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) Gallery at the Ave., the first offsite gallery for the college, opens April 6 at 301 W. Wisconsin Ave. with its inaugural exhibition, From This Point Forward, which runs April 6-July 1.

The exhibition, which takes its name from a tagline for MIAD predecessor college Layton School of art, celebrates a variety of work, including sculptures, paintings, installations, ceramics, printmaking, textiles and photography, created by the school’s alumni over nearly five decades. The artists featured have also shown their work at regional, national and international galleries. MIAD will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024.

In addition to art exhibitions, MIAD plans to use the 2,500-foot gallery space for events and other community programming. Consignment areas carry artwork, crafted goods and more at affordable prices.

Gallery hours are 11am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday. For more information, visit

Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum

The Charles Allis Art Museum, temporarily renamed the Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum in honor of the wife of Charles Allis, “celebrates femme, women and nonbinary narratives in art and history” in its current exhibit, according to marketing specialist Caroline Dannecker. 

The Sarah Ball Allis exhibit, which runs through June 11, is curated by contributing artist Kate E. Schaffer of the Everyday Feminist Art Collective and highlights the work of local and international artists, among them D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, Michelle Grabner and Pia Cruzalegui.

Dannecker noted that Schaffer “collaborated with the museum to temporarily rename the institution from the Charles Allis Art Museum to emphasize Sarah’s contributions and the patriarchal erasure of women’s narratives from history.” 

Museum visitors can also learn more about Sarah Allis’s life by viewing photographs, documents, and rooms previously closed to the public, along with historical works of art and sculptures. 

For tickets and more information about the Sarah Ball Allis museum and exhibit, visit charlesallis.org